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The pioneering B2B platform that will revolutionize your business world! As a global network, Remetra connects traders from all over the world, enables the exchange of innovative ideas and sets new standards in international trade.

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Imagine you could quickly respond to attractive offers while presenting your own offers with ease. With Remetra, this dream becomes reality!

Our user-friendly platform allows you to get in touch with other retailers within seconds and to communicate in real time through our live chat function.

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Show the world who you are and what your company has to offer: Present your company data, awards and product offers in a professional company shop and draw attention to your successes and innovations.

remetra is available in over 100 languages, which allows users from different countries to trade without any problems. Remetra's intelligent translation system ensures smooth communication between buyers and sellers around the world.
Useful tools
remetra offers its users helpful tools such as comparison and wish lists that facilitate trade and search for products. These functions allow users to keep an eye on their preferred products and make simple decisions.
Own trust system
With its own trust system, remetra ensures that the buying experience is safe for all users. The system monitors the activities of sellers and buyers to prevent fraud and abuse.
Global trading routes
Through partnerships with traders and shipping service providers worldwide, remetra offers attractive trading routes for its users. This allows them to buy and sell products from different parts of the world.
remetra ensures the security of its users by double authentication. This feature protects users' accounts from unauthorized access and ensures that only authorized persons can access the account.
Free premiums
Remetra users can get free rewards by using the platform. The premiums can be offered, for example, in the form of vouchers or discounts.

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Thanks to our intuitive CSV import, you can add your product range within no time. With just a few clicks you can convert and upload your product data to the CSV format. Our system automatically detects the relevant fields and balances them with existing data to ensure smooth integration.

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We also offer you comprehensive support for questions or problems during the import process. Our friendly staff are at your disposal at any time to help you with all your concerns. So you can concentrate fully on your business and sell your products successfully on

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